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"It’s how a street machine could have been built before the introduction of the Red motor," says Melbourne’s John Wanner, a man who lives and breathes music.

And he doesn’t mind blowing his own trumpet – or clarinet, sax or flute – about classic modified cars like his superb Tartan Turquoise dual door 1956 FE Holden convertible.

feicon.jpg (7004 bytes) A tudor convertible? Yep, Holden didn’t make a chop-top version but this one’s so authentic-looking you’d swear it’s a Fishermens Bend original. A music teacher by day and a swing band leader at night, John owns five FE-FC Holdens, although his convertible version is the standout.

A mad keen member of the FE-FC Car Club, John’s open top inspiration found its feet in an FE shell being unloaded by a club member, which good mate Michael McVeigh (and JW Swing Orchestra sound man – JS) convinced him to lop the lid off. "I saw a photograph in the 60s of an FE Holden convertible, but it didn’t look quite right," John says. "Now, I think FEs and FCs look fantastic as convertibles."

McVeigh helped heaps with the build, John says. "He’s responsible for most of the engine and the electrics. He’s an electronic technician who fixes TVs, microwaves and washing machines. And he’s really clever. He can see things and work them through. John’s not saying who did the original two-door conversion because he was stuffed around big time.

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